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<varname>COMPILER_TYPE</varname>: the default compiler on the system, either gcc or clang
<varname>ALT_COMPILER_TYPE</varname>: the alternative compiler on the system, either gcc or clang. Only set if two compilers are present in the base system.
<varname>COMPILER_VERSION</varname>: the first two digits of the version of the default compiler.
<varname>ALT_COMPILER_VERSION</varname>: the first two digits of the version of the alternative compiler, if present.
<varname>CHOSEN_COMPILER_TYPE</varname>: the chosen compiler, either gcc or clang
<varname>COMPILER_FEATURES</varname>: the features supported by the default compiler. It currently lists the C++ library.
Include Common Platform Enumeration (<acronym>CPE</acronym>) information in package manifest as a <acronym>CPE</acronym> 2.3 formatted string. See the <link xlink:href=""><acronym>CPE</acronym> specification</link> for details. To add <acronym>CPE</acronym> information to a port, follow these steps:
Search for the official CPE entry for the software product either by using the NVD's <link xlink:href=""><acronym>CPE</acronym> search engine</link> or in the <link xlink:href="">official <acronym>CPE</acronym> dictionary</link> (warning, very large <acronym>XML</acronym> file). <emphasis>Do not ever make up <acronym>CPE</acronym> data.</emphasis>
Add <literal>cpe</literal> to <varname>USES</varname> and compare the result of <command>make -V CPE_STR</command> to the <acronym>CPE</acronym> dictionary entry. Continue one step at a time until <command>make -V CPE_STR</command> is correct.
If the product name (second field, defaults to <varname>PORTNAME</varname>) is incorrect, define <varname>CPE_PRODUCT</varname>.
If the vendor name (first field, defaults to <varname>CPE_PRODUCT</varname>) is incorrect, define <varname>CPE_VENDOR</varname>.
If the version field (third field, defaults to <varname>PORTVERSION</varname>) is incorrect, define <varname>CPE_VERSION</varname>.
If the update field (fourth field, defaults to empty) is incorrect, define <varname>CPE_UPDATE</varname>.
If it is still not correct, check <filename>Mk/Uses/</filename> for additional details, or contact the Ports Security Team <email></email>.
Derive as much as possible of the <acronym>CPE</acronym> name from existing variables such as <varname>PORTNAME</varname> and <varname>PORTVERSION</varname>. Use variable modifiers to extract the relevant portions from these variables rather than hardcoding the name.
<emphasis>Always</emphasis> run <command>make -V CPE_STR</command> and check the output before committing anything that changes <varname>PORTNAME</varname> or <varname>PORTVERSION</varname> or any other variable which is used to derive <varname>CPE_STR</varname>.
Possible arguments: (none), <literal>auto-plist</literal>, <literal>compiles</literal>
Uses the Comprehensive R Archive Network. Specify <varname>auto-plist</varname> to automatically generate <filename>pkg-plist</filename>. Specify <literal>compiles</literal> if the port has code that need to be compiled.
Uses <application>update-desktop-database</application> from <package role="port">devel/desktop-file-utils</package>. An extra post-install step will be run without interfering with any post-install steps already in the port <filename>Makefile</filename>. A line with <link linkend="plist-keywords-desktop-file-utils"><literal>@desktop-file-utils</literal></link> will be added to the plist.
Changes the behavior of GNU configure to properly support <varname>DESTDIR</varname> in case the original software does not.
Possible arguments: (none), <replaceable>ARGS</replaceable>
Set up a virtual display environment. If the environment variable <varname>DISPLAY</varname> is not set, then <application>Xvfb</application> is added as a build dependency, and <varname>CONFIGURE_ENV</varname> is extended with the port number of the currently running instance of <application>Xvfb</application>. The <replaceable>ARGS</replaceable> parameter defaults to <literal>install</literal> and controls the phase around which to start and stop the virtual display.
The port has files with line endings in <acronym>DOS</acronym> format which need to be converted. Several variables can be set to control which files will be converted. The default is to convert <emphasis>all</emphasis> files, including binaries. See <xref linkend="slow-patch-automatic-replacements"/> for examples.
<varname>DOS2UNIX_REGEX</varname>: match file names based on a regular expression.
<varname>DOS2UNIX_FILES</varname>: match literal file names.


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