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Each section in this chapter describes a possible value for <varname>USES</varname>, along with its possible arguments. Arguments are appeneded to the value after a colon (<literal>:</literal>). Multiple arguments are separated by commas (<literal>,</literal>). Cada seção deste capítulo descreve um possível valor para <varname>USES</varname>, juntamente com seus possíveis argumentos. Argumentos são anexados ao valor após dois pontos (<literal>:</literal>). Vários argumentos são separados por vírgulas (<literal>,</literal>).
Using Multiple Values Usando Vários Valores
USES= bison perl USES= bison perl
Adding an Argument Adicionando um Argumento
USES= tar:xz USES= tar:xz
Adding Multiple Arguments Adicionando Vários Argumentos
USES= drupal:7,theme USES= drupal:7,theme
Mixing it All Together Entrelaçando Tudo Isso Junto
USES= pgsql:9.3+ cpe python:2.7,build USES= pgsql:9.3+ cpe python:2.7,build
<literal>7z</literal> <literal>7z</literal>
Possible arguments: (none), <literal>p7zip</literal>, <literal>partial</literal> Argumentos possíveis: (none), <literal>p7zip</literal>, <literal>partial</literal>
Extract using <citerefentry vendor="ports"><refentrytitle>7z</refentrytitle><manvolnum>1</manvolnum></citerefentry> instead of <citerefentry><refentrytitle>bsdtar</refentrytitle><manvolnum>1</manvolnum></citerefentry> and sets <literal>EXTRACT_SUFX=.7z</literal>. The <literal>p7zip</literal> option forces a dependency on the <command>7z</command> from <package role="port">archivers/p7zip</package> if the one from the base system is not able to extract the files. <varname>EXTRACT_SUFX</varname> is not changed if the <literal>partial</literal> option is used, this can be used if the main distribution file does not have a <filename>.7z</filename> extension. Extrair usando <citerefentry vendor="ports"><refentrytitle>7z</refentrytitle><manvolnum>1</manvolnum></citerefentry> ao invés de <citerefentry><refentrytitle>bsdtar</refentrytitle><manvolnum>1</manvolnum></citerefentry> e definir <literal>EXTRACT_SUFX=.7z</literal>. A opção <literal>p7zip</literal> força uma dependência do <command>7z</command> a partir de <package role="port">archivers/p7zip</package> se aquele do sistema base não for capaz de extrair os arquivos. <varname>EXTRACT_SUFX</varname> não é alterado se a opção <literal>partial</literal> é usada, isso pode ser usado se o arquivo de distribuição principal não tiver extensão <filename>.7z</filename>.
<literal>ada</literal> <literal>ada</literal>
Possible arguments: (none), <literal>5</literal>, <literal>6</literal> Argumentos possíveis: (none), <literal>5</literal>, <literal>6</literal>
Depends on an <application>Ada</application>-capable compiler, and sets <varname>CC</varname> accordingly. Defaults to use <application>gcc</application> 5 from ports. Use the <literal>:<replaceable>X</replaceable></literal> version option to force building with a different version. Depende de um compilador capaz de usar <application>Ada</application> e define a variável <varname>CC</varname> de acordo. O padrão é usar <application>gcc</application> 5 do ports. Use a opção de versão <literal>:<replaceable>X</replaceable></literal> para forçar a compilação com uma versão diferente.
<literal>autoreconf</literal> <literal>autoreconf</literal>
Possible arguments: (none), <literal>build</literal> Argumentos possíveis: (none), <literal>build</literal>
Runs <command>autoreconf</command>. It encapsulates the <command>aclocal</command>, <command>autoconf</command>, <command>autoheader</command>, <command>automake</command>, <command>autopoint</command>, and <command>libtoolize</command> commands. Each command applies to <filename>${AUTORECONF_WRKSRC}/</filename> or its old name, <filename>${AUTORECONF_WRKSRC}/</filename>. If <filename></filename> defines subdirectories with their own <filename></filename> using <literal>AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS</literal>, <command>autoreconf</command> will recursively update those as well. The <literal>:build</literal> argument only adds build time dependencies on those tools but does not run <command>autoreconf</command>. A port can set <varname>AUTORECONF_WRKSRC</varname> if <varname>WRKSRC</varname> does not contain the path to <filename></filename>. Execute <command>autoreconf</command>. Ele encapsula os comandos <command>aclocal</command>, <command>autoconf</command>, <command>autoheader</command>, <command>automake</command>, <command>autopoint</command> e <command>libtoolize</command>. Cada comando aplica-se a <filename>${AUTORECONF_WRKSRC} /</filename> ou seu nome antigo <filename>${AUTORECONF_WRKSRC}/</filename>. E se <filename></filename> define subdiretórios com seus próprios <filename></filename> usando <literal>AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS</literal>, <command>autoreconf</command> irá recursivamente atualizar aqueles também. O argumento <literal>:build</literal> só adiciona dependências de build-time sobre essas ferramentas, mas não executa o <command>autoreconf</command>. Um port pode definir <varname>AUTORECONF_WRKSRC</varname> se <varname>WRKSRC</varname> não contiver o caminho para o <filename></filename>.
<literal>blaslapack</literal> <literal>blaslapack</literal>
Possible arguments: (none), <literal>atlas</literal>, <literal>netlib</literal> (default), <literal>gotoblas</literal>, <literal>openblas</literal> Argumentos possíveis: (none), <literal>atlas</literal>, <literal>netlib</literal>(padrão), <literal>gotoblas</literal>, <literal>openblas</literal>
Adds dependencies on Blas / Lapack libraries. Adiciona dependências das bibliotecas Blas / Lapack.
<literal>bdb</literal> <literal>bdb</literal>
Possible arguments: (none), <literal>48</literal>, <literal>5</literal> (default), <literal>6</literal> Argumentos possíveis: (none), <literal>48</literal>, <literal>5</literal>(padrão), <literal>6</literal>
Add dependency on the <application>Berkeley DB</application> library. Default to <package role="port">databases/db5</package>. It can also depend on <package role="port">databases/db48</package> when using the <literal>:48</literal> argument or <package role="port">databases/db6</package> with <literal>:6</literal>. It is possible to declare a range of acceptable values, <literal>:48+</literal> finds the highest installed version, and falls back to 4.8 if nothing else is installed. <varname>INVALID_BDB_VER</varname> can be used to specify versions which do not work with this port. The framework exposes the following variables to the port: Adiciona uma dependência à biblioteca <application>Berkeley DB</application>. O padrão utiliza <package role="port">databases/db5</package>. Também pode depender de <package role="port">databases/db48</package> ao usar o argumento <literal>:48</literal> ou <package role="port">databases/db6</package> com <literal>:6</literal>. É possível declarar um intervalo de valores aceitáveis, <literal>:48+</literal> procura pela versão maior instalada e utiliza a 4.8 se nenhuma outra estiver instalada. <varname>INVALID_BDB_VER</varname> pode ser usado para especificar versões que não funcionam com este port. O framework expõe as seguintes variáveis ao port:
<varname>BDB_LIB_NAME</varname> <varname>BDB_LIB_NAME</varname>
The name of the <application>Berkeley DB</application> library. For example, when using <package role="port">databases/db5</package>, it contains <literal>db-5.3</literal>. O nome da biblioteca <application>Berkeley DB</application>. Por exemplo, ao usar <package role="port">databases/db5</package>, contém <literal>db-5.3</literal>.
<varname>BDB_LIB_CXX_NAME</varname> <varname>BDB_LIB_CXX_NAME</varname>
The name of the <application>Berkeley DB</application> <application>C++</application> library. For example, when using <package role="port">databases/db5</package>, it contains <literal>db_cxx-5.3</literal>. O nome da biblioteca <application>Berkeley DB</application> <application>C++</application>. Por exemplo, ao usar <package role="port">databases/db5</package>, contém <literal>db_cxx-5.3</literal>.
<varname>BDB_INCLUDE_DIR</varname> <varname>BDB_INCLUDE_DIR</varname>
The location of the <application>Berkeley DB</application> include directory. For example, when using <package role="port">databases/db5</package>, it will contain <literal>${LOCALBASE}/include/db5</literal>. A localização do diretório incluso <application>Berkeley DB</application>. Por exemplo, ao usar <package role="port">databases/db5</package>, ele irá conter <literal>${LOCALBASE}/include/db5</literal>.
<varname>BDB_LIB_DIR</varname> <varname>BDB_LIB_DIR</varname>


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