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<emphasis>cookie[p]</emphasis> - the value received from <function>setup()</function> is used to identify the handler when passed to <function>teardown()</function>
<emphasis>cookie[p]</emphasis> - 从<function>setup()</function>接收的值,当传递给<function>teardown()</function>时用于标识处理程序
2 months ago
Entry points implementations (policy life cycle, object life cycle/label management, access control checks).
2 months ago
The name of the mutex assigned to it by <function>mtx_init</function>. This name is displayed in KTR trace messages and witness errors and warnings and is used to distinguish mutexes in the witness code.
由函数<function>mtx_init</function>指派的mutex的名字。 这个名字显示在KTR跟踪消息和witness出错与警告信息里。 这个名字还用于区分标识在witness代码中的各个mutex
2 months ago
A partition record descriptor contains information about where exactly the partition resides on the drive. Both descriptors, <acronym>LBA</acronym> and <acronym>CHS</acronym>, describe the same information, but in different ways: <acronym>LBA</acronym> (Logical Block Addressing) has the starting sector for the partition and the partition's length, while <acronym>CHS</acronym> (Cylinder Head Sector) has coordinates for the first and last sectors of the partition. The partition table ends with the special signature <literal>0xaa55</literal>.
一个分区记录描述符包含某一分区在硬盘上的确切位置信息。 LBA和CHS两种描述符指示相同的信息,但是指示方式有所不同:LBA (逻辑块寻址,Logical Block Addressing)指示分区的起始扇区和分区长度, 而CHS(柱面 磁头 扇区)指示首扇区和末扇区
2 months ago
The very last thing in the <acronym>POST</acronym> is the <literal>INT 0x19</literal> instruction. The <literal>INT 0x19</literal> handler reads 512 bytes from the first sector of boot device into the memory at address <literal>0x7c00</literal>. The term <emphasis>first sector</emphasis> originates from hard drive architecture, where the magnetic plate is divided into a number of cylindrical tracks. Tracks are numbered, and every track is divided into a number (usually 64) of sectors. Track numbers start at 0, but sector numbers start from 1. Track 0 is the outermost on the magnetic plate, and sector 1, the first sector, has a special purpose. It is also called the <acronym>MBR</acronym>, or Master Boot Record. The remaining sectors on the first track are never used.
<acronym>POST</acronym>的最后一步是执行<literal>INT 0x19</literal>指令。 这个指令从引导设备第一个扇区读取512字节,装入地址<literal>0x7c00</literal>。 <emphasis>第一个扇区</emphasis>的说法最早起源于硬盘的结构,硬盘面被分为若干圆柱形轨道。给轨道编号,同时又将轨道分为 一定数目(通常是64)的扇形。0号轨道是硬盘的最外圈,1号扇区, 第一个扇区(轨道、柱面都从0开始编号,而扇区从1开始编号) 有着特殊的作用,它又被称为主引导记录(Master Boot Record, <acronym>MBR</acronym>)。 第一轨剩余的扇区常常不使用<_:footnote-1/>
2 months ago
The development of drivers for the USB subsystem and devices connected to it is supported by the specifications that have been developed and will be developed. These specifications are publicly available from the USB home pages. Apple has been very strong in pushing for standards based drivers, by making drivers for the generic classes available in their operating system MacOS and discouraging the use of separate drivers for each new device. This chapter tries to collate essential information for a basic understanding of the USB 2.0 implementation stack in FreeBSD/NetBSD. It is recommended however to read it together with the relevant 2.0 specifications and other developer resources:
为USB子系统以及连接到它的设备开发驱动程序受已开发或将要开发的 规范的支持。这些规范可以从USB主页公开获得。苹果(Apple)通过使得 通用类驱动程序可从其操作系统MacOS中获得,而且不鼓励为每种新设备 使用单独的驱动程序来强烈推行基于标准的驱动程序。本章试图整理基本 信息以便对FreeBSD/NetBSD中USB栈的当前实现有个基本的了解。然而, 建议将下面参考中提及的相关规范与本章同时阅读
2 months ago
<emphasis>lowaddr, highaddr</emphasis> - the names are slightly misleading; these values are used to limit the permitted range of physical addresses used to allocate the memory. The exact meaning varies depending on the planned future use:
<emphasis>lowaddr, highaddr</emphasis> - 名字稍微有些误导。这些值用于限制可用于内存分配的物理地址的允许范围。其确切含义根据以后不同的使用而有所不同
2 months ago
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