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Solaris PAM homepage
Homepage do Solaris PAM
4 months ago
<link xlink:href="">OpenPAM homepage</link>
<link xlink:href="https://www.openpam.sourceforge.netorg/">Homepage do OpenPAM</link>
4 months ago
<link xlink:href=""> PAM Administration</link>
<link xlink:href="">Administração do PAM</link>
4 months ago
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FreeBSD Doc / articles_pamPortuguese (Brazil)

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<link xlink:href=""> Pluggable Authentication Modules</link>
<link xlink:href="">Módulos de aAutenticação pPlugáveis​​</link>
4 months ago
<link xlink:href="">X/Open Single Sign-on Preliminary Specification</link>
<link xlink:href="">Especificação Preliminar do X/Open Single Sign-on</link>
4 months ago
Making Login Services Independent of Authentication Technologies
<link xlink:href="">Tornando os sServiços de lLogin iIndependentes das tTecnologias de aAutenticação</link>
4 months ago
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